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Why choose us?

Our solid team of specialists aim to satisfy the needs of our patients, using their extensive experience and high scientific knowledge. Personalized attention, cutting-edge technology and extensive experience constitute the strength of ZIRCONIA DENTAL CENTER.

CAD CAM crowns

They are a recommended aesthetic solution in patients with stained teeth...

ALL on 4

The ALL ON 4 techniques consist in offering people who suffer...


It is an innovative, modern and 100% safe treatment...

Dental veneers and crowns

Zirconia crowns are a recommendable aesthetic solution in patients...

Teeth whitening

This treatment is the perfect complement for dental aesthetics, with dental whitening...

Smile digital design

The perfect smile in record time, this treatment allows us...

CAD-CAM technology Computer teeth

This type of treatment is a recommended aesthetic solution...

CAD CAM oral rehabilitation

PermIt allows the replacement of missing or lost teeth...


Hoy en día las enfermedades de las encías se pueden prevenir...


Root canals are performed on teeth with deep cavities...

Sapphire orthodontics

In addition to the braces, the archwires, ligatures and rubber...

Aesthetic orthodontics

An interesting alternative in aesthetic orthodontics is the use of transparent...

Metallic orthodontics

The benefits of orthodontics are not only the...

Invisible orthodontics

The aligners in this system are completely transparent....

Pediatric Dentistry / Orthopedics

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry in charge of treating children....

Oral / Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a specialty of Dentistry...

About us

At Zirconia we take care of studying and improving the aesthetics of each person’s teeth, gums and smile. Our dental clinic, specialist in these aesthetic treatments, analyzes your mouth according to your physique to achieve the best results and apply the techniques that will give you the perfect result.

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Latest technology

We work with the latest CAD CAM technology equipment.

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We comply with all the biosecurity parameters.

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Near you

We are in the North and South of Quito.

Frequent questions

It is a solution that provides patients with a fixed prosthesis of the full arch (upper, lower or both) on the same day of surgery. It is an economical technique because it requires fewer implants compared to the traditional method. This technique uses four implants for a total fixed rehabilitation.

If the crown is made of zircon in its entirety it does not break. If the crown has a ceramic coating, there may be a crack. Do they change color? They do not change color because it does not have a metal base.

You can contact us at Tel .: (02) 2250431/0996887182 Send us your cell phone number and we will contact you 🙂 Or book your appointment online here: APPOINTMENT ON LINE

It is the correct way to bite, it is related to the correct position of the teeth and the total presence of them. If the bite is correct and the teeth are in a good position, the muscles of the face and neck will remain in harmony.


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