It consists of firmly placing, in a single day, between four and six implants in the upper or lower jaw without bone grafts, for this it has a team of professionals, specialized exclusively in these treatments. This system returns the functionality to return to eat and chew with peace of mind, without leaving a beautiful smile in the way. It is important to trust the product that is used, to offer with total security to patients who seek to improve their diet and quality of life, explains “Dr. Bladimir Barros Pinto is dedicated to returning that smile and tooth function, improving their style and quality of life ”. Dental implants have a totally safe procedure, are permanent and have a certain useful life depending on the care, he explains. “We restore their trust and people can talk in complete safety because they have a fixed prosthesis.” Zirconia Corporación Dental has the best quality products in both implants and regenerative material (membrane bone), as well as zirconium crowns. Our personalized and direct attention to the patient allows us to make a difference compared to similar clinics.