10 aesthetic treatments that will change your smile

Currently the appearance, color and alignment of the teeth is almost essential. The Smile has become our business card, a card that is required in all kinds of environments, social, work, etc. If you have in mind to change the appearance of your smile, here we present ten aesthetic treatments that you have at your fingertips. In the next articles we will tell you in detail the procedures, advantages and all the complementary information of each one so that you can know which is the most appropriate for you.

1.- Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening reduces or eliminates the external and internal stains of the teeth caused by the action of tobacco, the pigments contained in food and by the coloring of the tooth itself. This procedure provides solutions to these problems by lightening the teeth in various shades. Often with just one session, the improvements are noticeable. To do it safely, it is necessary that teeth and gums are healthy.

2.- Porcelain veneers

They are thin porcelain sheets that mimic the front of the tooth and stick to the front surface. They allow the color, size and shape of the teeth to be changed as well as to close spaces to achieve a more aesthetic and beautiful smile.

4.- Zirconia CAD CAM crowns

Crowns or covers are prosthetics that restore the anatomy and function of the natural crown. Until a few years ago, porcelain crowns also contained metal, which reduced their aesthetic power. Currently the crowns are 100% porcelain or zirconia, which makes them more durable and attractive. With these crowns, full mouth restorations are also performed when the mouth is severely worn.

Source: http://clinicaquevedo.com/10-tratamientos-esteticos-que-cambiaran-tu-sonrisa/